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Fenster aus Aluminium und Alu-Holz bei Hotel Miramonti in Hafling


VITRALUX windows meet the
the highest standards.

VITRALUX aluminium windows meet the highest standards in terms of thermal insulation, soundproofing and durability. VITRALUX is one of the most renowned manufacturers of aluminium windows and is the first point of contact for architects and building owners when it comes to aluminium windows.
Architecture is placing ever higher demands on the technical requirements and sustainability of windows. For this reason, windows made of aluminium are the first choice for architects and builders worldwide when it comes to high-quality building culture.
VITRALUX has set standards in the field of windows for minimal design in particular.

Maßgefertigte Fassaden nach Plan von Vitralux



What we offer is not standard products but fresh ideas for an innovative approach to construction. We combine excellent artisan abilities with industrial manufacturing.
That is why cooperation on every successful project starts with individual and competent counseling. Our VITRALUX sales engineers have a strong practical grounding and experience in the industry, and the flexibility to respond quickly to your project needs.
Our planning office takes the wishes and visions of clients and architects to produce the optimum working drawings. The components are then precision engineered in our modern product plant and workshops. High-grade materials are carefully processed to the highest standards of workmanship by our skilled personnel.

The VITRALUX offering also includes punctual installation performed to perfection by our own trained fitters plus the backing of a reliable maintenance service.

According to the best plan

Aluminium windows

With today’s architecture demanding aesthetic design with high thermal performance, the VITRALUX window and door system allows architects and designers to choose both – sleek, attractive design combined with first-class energy efficiency in a single outstanding aluminium window system. Our windows can easily perform to passive house standard.

Fenster aus Aluminium bei Villa N in Südtirol
Fenster aus Aluminium bei Villa H in Südtirol
Fenster aus Aluminium bei Pratenberg Weingut & Wine Lodge in Meran

The load-bearing parts of VITRALUX windows are made of aluminium profiles with high thermal efficiency, while the filling is made of triple insulating glass, which guarantees the best thermal as well as acoustic insulation. The aluminium and glass external finishes also include various solutions for blackout and solar protection, such as roller blinds, roller shutters, shades and venetian blinds.

According to your wishes

Frameless glazing

The exclusive solution of the frameless glazing VITRALIGHT developed from VITRALUX meets the high expectations of a modern and high quality architecture. The system VITRALIGHT does not only give the feeling of a nearly non existing glazing but in addition guarantees a solution which fulfills also the high claims for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Fenster Minimal bei Luxury Multibrand Store Kraler Franz in Toblach
Fenster Minimal bei Hotel Mirabell in Hafling
Fenster Minimal bei Wolf System Freienfeld

The versatility and transparency of glass make it possible to create unique qualitative and stylish projects. Its purpose is to allow continuity and visual continuity in building envelopes, with the greatest transparency between the interior and exterior of a building. All this without sacrificing thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and durability, which are the essential characteristics of glass facades. Based on the requirements, single insulating glass, triple insulating glass, solar control glass, glass with high acoustic insulation, laminated safety glass and burglar-resistant glass can be installed in the VITRALIGHT frameless glazing from VITRALUX.

tailor-made Individuality


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