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Verglasung von Wintergärten, Oberlichten und Überdachungen, Weinschränken und Vitrinen, Brüstungen

Glass & Metall

VITRALUX constructions
made of glass and metal.

We offer a very wide spectrum of products and under the area of glass and metal we summarise all our special solutions: Wintergarden, glass roofs, showcases, floor glazing, wine cabinets, interior glazing, fireproof glazing and glass balustrades …. Combinations of glass and metal.

Maßgefertigte Fassaden nach Plan von Vitralux



What we offer is not standard products but fresh ideas for an innovative approach to construction. We combine excellent artisan abilities with industrial manufacturing.
That is why cooperation on every successful project starts with individual and competent counseling. Our VITRALUX sales engineers have a strong practical grounding and experience in the industry, and the flexibility to respond quickly to your project needs.
Our planning office takes the wishes and visions of clients and architects to produce the optimum working drawings. The components are then precision engineered in our modern product plant and workshops. High-grade materials are carefully processed to the highest standards of workmanship by our skilled personnel.

The VITRALUX offering also includes punctual installation performed to perfection by our own trained fitters plus the backing of a reliable maintenance service.

According to the best drawings


A VITRALUX wintergarden and conservatory can be simple balcony glazing or almost independent structures: the planning possibilities allow for smaller structures such as dining rooms, relaxation rooms or workrooms to large structures such as swimming pools, sports and fitness rooms, extensions to bars and restaurants, wellness rooms and hotel congress halls.

Verglasung von Wintergärten und Terrassen
Verglasung von Wintergärten und Terrassen
Verglasung von Wintergärten und Terrassen bei Villa M. in Barbian

Each wintergarden is made to measure to meet any technical, functional and aesthetic requirement, as well as sustainability, safety, acoustic insulation, ease of maintenance and durability. The projects start with an accurate climate analysis of the building to guarantee perfect air circulation and optimal thermal insulation of the rooms. This reduces energy losses to a minimum and optimises the energy exchange between inside and outside.

Aluminium or aluminium/wood profile systems with varied application options permit any special constructions in technically filigree optics for the wintergarden.

Expect a lot

Glass roofs

VITRALUX glass canopies and porches are designed with the utmost attention to aesthetics and straightness, as well as functionality, which is essential to create a high quality product. VITRALUX canopies and porches are built to protect entrances, terraces, open balconies and pedestrian passages from the environment and are designed to adapt to the building or to beautify its shape as an architectural element in various shapes and structures.

VITRALUX skylights, on the other hand, are designed to provide natural lighting from above, in a pleasant and impressive way. Each individual element is made to measure to fit perfectly into the surface to be covered and to adapt to the various requirements. Only the highest quality materials and technologies are used for its realisation. VITRALUX skylights are ideal for illuminating living or working spaces such as attics, studios, laboratories, offices, study rooms, but also public spaces such as dining rooms, gymnasiums, staircases.

Verglasung von Oberlichten und Überdachungen im Hotel Palace
Verglasung von Oberlichten und Überdachungen im KH Bruneck
Verglasung von Oberlichten und Überdachungen

VITRALUX skylights are also perfect for illuminating dark or underground spaces and, thanks to their elegant design, they also increase the aesthetic value of the rooms.

As with all VITRALUX products, the greatest attention is paid to safety in the roofing, canopies and skylights. This is precisely why only the highest quality materials are used in their manufacture: Profiles made of galvanised steel or aluminium with high resistance as well as shatter-proof safety glass.
In the case of skylights, emphasis is also placed on thermal and acoustic insulation to create maximum comfort in the rooms below.

According to your wishes

Wine cabinets & show cases

With wine cabinets and show cases of VITRALUX the sales-supporting product presentations are supported outside and inside. The high-quality implementation of the glass cabinets of VITRALUX guarantees optimum heat insulation and sound absorption and fulfils any security requirement. Standard systems or individual made wine cabinets and show cases with attractive optics, ingenious lighting and reliable burglary protection

Verglasung von Weinschränken und Vitrinen bei Tschurtschenthaler in Bruneck
Verglasung von Weinschränken und Vitrinen bei Garberhof
Verglasung von Weinschränken und Vitrinen bei Pertinger Mühlbach

VITRALUX wine cabinets are also designed to enhance the goods displayed inside as much as possible, always with optimal thermal insulation and safety in mind. VITRALUX wine cabinets allow a choice of standard systems as well as customised designs, with internal lighting for example, to show off the products to their best advantage without compromising their quality.

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Glass balustrades

VITRALUX uses for glazings in the inside area clear, tinted, matt or reflecting glasses with filigree, hardly visible high-grade steel fixtures.

Verglasung von Brüstungen am Hotel Burgund
Verglasung von Brüstungen am Pratenberg Weingut und Wine Lodge in Meran
Verglasung von Brüstungen am Berghotel Zirm in Olang

The fundamental characteristics of the VITRALUX glass parapet are the always exclusive personalised design, the functionality of each individual element and the innovation in technology and materials. Depending on the planning concept, the glass parapets can be realised naturally transparent or with ornamental or mirror glass. Great attention is paid to safety, thanks to the use of INOX steel anchors as well as shatterproof and bulletproof glass.

tailor-made Individuality


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Mullion and transom facade, unitized facade, frameless all glass facade (structural glazing), design facade


Windows in aluminium, minimal design, frameless glazing

Sliding systems & doors

Lift and slide doors, sliding doors in minimal design, folding doors, automatic doors, portals and entrance doors, swimming pool locks