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Work with us

To strengthen our team

We strongly believe that only motivated and satisfied employees will guarantee the long-term success of our company and lead to a harmonious working environment that attracts high-qualified employees. The enhancement on a strong teamwork and cooperation in our company has shaped our social policy. Our core values are honesty, openness, “hand shake quality”, correctness and transparency in all our operations and social intercourses.

Each project that we deliver is different – designed and planned to the particular wishes and needs of our customer. It is particularly satisfying for us to be part of such a project – from the first contact with the customer to the finished building. A grateful handshake and the happy smile of our customer at the end of the project is the confirmation of a well-done job.


The benefits you can expect

During the familiarization phase you will get to know your assignment, you will be integrated in your department and you will learn the business processes. Work experience in our business is obviously advantageous, but also newcomers and career changer are warmly welcome.


Step by Step

We have a great esteem for our employees and their contribution. We therefore emphasize the possibility to increase and develope their knowledge in their field. Or to change their assignment if they would like to.



Teamspirit and teamwork are crucial for VITRALUX! To enhance this we organize every year some events. The company outing, the summer grill party or the Christmas party are some welcome occasions to promote the personal contact between our employees.


Healthy work place

We underline the importance that every employee is feeling well and comfortable on their work place. The healthiness of our employees is a crucial factor for our common success. We give a great importance to the health and safety on the work place for our common well-being.

We provide daily a fruit bowl and mineral water for a healthy snack during the breaks. In addition, every employee has a complete paid lunch for every working day.

To maintain the physical health for our employees we financially contribute to the abonnement of a fitness centre of their choice.

We contribute to a health care fund and our employees have therefore an additional health insurance to the public health insurance. A part of the invoices for medical examination, dentists or private medical treatment are refunded.

We provide our production and installation team with complete and nice working clothes.


Healthy environment

Our company is easily accessible with public transportation and stops for busses are nearby. We provide a company parking area for all employees that come with their private car.

Our restaurants for the lunch are nearby and within walking distance.


Annual tax declaration

The annual tax declaration is provided for free for our employees. In addition, everyone can choose their own private pension fund to which the company will contribute proportionately.


Celebrate the common success

We celebrate our commons success with our employees by guaranteeing an above average salary and by paying an annual success bonus. In addition, long term employees get their fidelity bonus and each employees receive a Christmas gift.


Current job opportunities


We are always looking for people who can bring enthusiasm and commitment to our company’s future.

Apply now!